Brendan Rose

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Photo Credit: Ethan Backer

Artist Statement

My work as an installation sculptor is based in the tradition of architectural design-build, where the trajectory from concept to execution is an investigative process. I seek to create objects and spaces that are situationally responsive – to approach each design condition with openness toward diverse sites and collaborators.

The formal expression of my sculpture ranges from representational to abstract, all aiming to both elicit emotional response and foster collective, place-based identity. I use material to these same ends through the use of site-specific or conceptually loaded objects. Beyond my traditionally architectural pallet of concrete, steel and wood, I incorporate found/searched-for objects into constructions, such as casting broken dishes into a concrete plinth.

I work with an activist intention toward educating people in how to create aesthetic environments. This too has a multifaceted affect on my work. In regards to my process, this means involving many other people in the design, fabrication and installation of my sculptures. In regards to product, this takes the form of structurally expressive assemblies, explicitly cast surfaces, exposed connections, and objects in play with gravity. I hope that these physical qualities inform a collective intuition toward, and interest in, the constructed environment.

Lastly, I’m committed to joy and delight in both process and product. I believe art can reinforce our affection for life.



Brendan Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the fields of public art, architecture, and custom fabrication. Brendan holds a master’s degrees in architecture from Syracuse University and spent three years designing sustainable architecture for public institutions at the architecture firm: The Miller/Hull Partnership, in Seattle, WA. As a graduate student, Brendan began creating large-scale installation art. After graduating, he served as the Syracuse Public Artist in Residence from 2011-2012, working with community members and university students to design and install a series of public art pieces in the city.

Brendan’s current artistic practice ranges from highly collaborative community works to individually conceived and fabricated sculptures. Alongside his work as an installation artist, Brendan continues to works as an architectural designer and custom fabricator of street and home furniture.


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