Moira Williams

Moira at 601 Tully 2014

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a kid, I have believed in and practiced levitation. As an unsuccessful levitator, I continue to listen and look for exchanges of phenomena. For me, exchanges of wonder are opportunities found in the reciprocity of gestures among people, the individual and nature. I create participatory works that bring people together and make explicit the complexity of their community and the environment. Sometimes my work simply brings people together to walk in the dirt between urban historical sites while sporting a pair of stilettos, learning bee keeping in Spanish, collecting wild yeast to bake in mobile community ovens, a weekly girl’s radio show, graffiti workshops for young adults instead of incarceration, simultaneously drifting with people around the world, or writing letters to the Milky Way. My work is shaped by a spirit of relatedness, a relatedness that may be found in the gestures of exchange a glace, a word, a gesture, or a language; how we might negotiate something we call our ethical responsibility towards one another and develop possible ways for reciprocity and eternal levitation.


Moira is a co-founder of Walk Exchange, recently walked in Wales with Footwork and is currently leading philosopher styled walks while collecting wild yeast in Nashville, Tennessee for FLEX IT! My Body. My Temple. Moira’s work has been seen at Thomas Hrischorn’s Gramsci House Bronx, Walk 21 Munich, No Longer Empty’s This Side of Paradise Bronx, DUMBO Arts Festival, The Kitchen, Dorsky Curatorial Gallery, Bowery Arts + Sciences, Socrates Sculpture Park, Center for Book Arts, MoMA PS1, iLAND, Flux Factory, New Museum Idea City, Movement Research Festival, Alice Yard Trinidad, Ruimte in Beweging Netherlands and the Ghetto Biennial, Haiti. 

She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, a Graduate Certificate in Spatial Politics with an MFA from Stony Brook University, New York.

Currently, Moira can be seen walking in the Near West Side neighborhood, greeting her new neighbors and star gazing.


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