Artist in Residence Studio

Artist Projects

‘Cuse Art Cart | Justin Mastrangelo
Justin Mastrangelo designed and built a mobile art cart that provides communities with instruction in art making processes including screen printing, drawing, painting, and various fabric arts.

Work Won’t Kill You | Patty Ortiz
The WWKY workforce applies the tools of art in a forensic fashion through the collection and systematic examination of images from the Near Westside neighborhood; people, places and moments that reflect the history and character of this community.

FALL 2015
WorksInProgress | Laura Heyman
Curated by Laura Heyman, the program presents exhibitions by local artists wishing to engage the public in dialogue about recent work.

Urban Birds and People Under the Trees
| Moira Williams
Installation of several community bird house sculptures and public bird and butterfly gardens within the neighborhood. Culminated in a community celebration that engaged visitors in bird watching, feeding, and interacting.

This project was partially financed by a mini-grant from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bus Shelters | Brendan Rose
A product of his year-long residency, Brendan worked with members of the community to develop a series of four small-scale works for the neighborhood including three bus stops and an abstract sculpture in Jack’s Senior Area, a small community gathering space.

Pennies at the Quarters | Brendan Rose
Inspired by the resilient beauty of the Near Westside, the artist created a space altering installation composed of a colorful field of 10,000 pennies.

FALL 2014
Fermented Freedom Moira Williams
Constructed artifacts that recall 3 walks taken by the artist on the Underground Railroad Trail from Syracuse, NY to Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, NY.

SPRING  2014

Persistence of Vision (Blink, Slide and Drift) | Colleen Woolpert
A series of public events with each event having a related participatory component based on modes of perception.

Life Hacking Workshops | John Cardone
An 12 week series of life hacking workshops for Fowler High School Students.

FALL 2013

Syracuse Pedestrian Routes: A Mile in Their Shoes | John Cardone
An urban infrastructural intervention that commemorates the invisible journeys of Syracuse residents while providing new ways to experience the city.

Forgotten New York: Re-tagging Our Native Heritage | Peter Edlund
Painted translations of New York State place-names of Iroquois-language origin consisting of a series of spray-painted stencils and oil paintings.