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Events + Exhibitions

Winter 2018

Synchronicity: Here, Then & Now

Opening Reception January 12, 5-9pm,
On view: January 12- January 29

Laura Bettina is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in epigenetics, ​architecture and visual storytelling. Synchronicity: Here, Then & Now is a solo exhibition that creatively depicts the interconnectedness of human physiology and how trauma causes the brain to disorganize neural circuits. Her work serves to educate and empower healing the body and mind with nutrients rather than drugs. Through transforming research into drawing, the artist finds a way to connect and communicate strength, hope and optimism, while also showing us how fallibly human we are.

Fall 2017

Second Nature

Reception: Thursday, December 7th, 6-8PM

Second nature is defined as a mindset, skill or type of behavior that is ingrained through habit or practice. These ten individuals have at one time or another been members of the Syracuse Printmaking Department and each have a committed relationship to the medium. Their affiliation to the practice has set them free to venture into unknown territories including new mediums, experiences, and expressions of traditional printmaking. SALTQuarters Gallery is pleased to present Second Nature, an exhibition of both current and past Syracuse University printmaking students. While their approaches to and use of print media varies, together these artists illustrate the expansive possibilities when printmaking becomes second nature.

Summer 2017

A Nappy Hair Story

Opening reception: September 1st, 4-8 PM
Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, September 1st-16th, 12-5 PM

SALTQuarters will be kicking off Labor Day Weekend with the opening of A Nappy Hair Story, a solo show featuring the photography of Ohemaa Dixon. The show is a multimedia exhibition including photo and video installations that display the many unique aspects and challenges of African-American hair. Dixon shot this project with one model to portray commonly worn African-American hairstyles and creatively depict different parts of the story of African-American hair. A Nappy Hair Story not only highlights and uplifts the beauty found in naps and coils, but also serves to educate viewers on styles such as box braids, cornrows, weaves, and other hairstyles.

Growing up as a young African-American girl, the issue of representation in the media was a crucial and defining aspect of Dixon’s life. She noticed that she rarely saw girls that looked like her while flipping through magazines. This made it increasingly difficult for Dixon to find her own identity and led to issues with self-esteem and depression. As a result, the phrase “representation matters” is a driving force behind her artwork today. She strives to photograph women of color to highlight and include them in the images that people are presented in day to day life. Currently, Dixon is a photography student at Syracuse University where her goal is to create the changes she wishes to see in the media.

Call for Art

Three artists will be awarded $500 each for outdoor art to be displayed at Lipe Art Park. All mediums welcome. Work must be installed by July 20th and will remain on display for at least 4 weeks. The ability to remain intact long term is not required – work that intentionally decays or otherwise evolves is acceptable, as is time or performance based work. Artists may submit more than one proposal for consideration. Proposals will be reviewed by the Stewards of Lipe Art Park on June 12th. The opening reception will be July 22nd.

Please submit the following materials by June 9, 2017:

•Artist bio and CV
•Images of or link to previous work
•Written description and sketches of the project

Proposals should be sent to Caitlin Albright at saltquarters@gmail.com

Spring 2017

Props for a Decline

May 4, 2017, 6-8 PM
Gallery hours by appointment only
May 4-31st

Wallpaper is designed to act as an ornament, it is the background of a room. A motif that repeats but is ultimately something so repetitive as to become commonplace. The work in this show designs a background with a planned obsolescence. You can see the pattern’s dissolution frozen in time. For the month of May, head to SALTQuarters to see these “props for a decline” a solo show featuring Joseph Turek.

Joseph Turek is an artist and teacher who hails from the Midwest where he taught high school art for four years. He has received his BFA from Clarke University, and currently resides in Syracuse, NY while pursuing his MFA at SU. Primarily a painter, he has worked in a variety of media. This series is an extension of his explorations of the encaustic medium and ideas of upending established systems through rearranging them.

Lights On: House of Craft

April 29, 2017, 2:00pm-7:00pm
Curated by Dominique Pierrot

From a Syracuse University apartment to a Brooklyn warehouse now to SALTQuarters; Dominique Pierrot, an up-and-coming curator, will showcase artists and filmmakers from the Syracuse area. Lights on! There will be something for all art lovers to enjoy.

#houseofcraftnyc will create an environment where artists can share their art as an extension of themselves with an audience willing to receive and appreciate the art and the artist. The goal is to foster an atmosphere where the artists and viewers can experience the give and take that art has to offer. The art on display will be mixed media. SALTQuarters Gallery will serve as a space where the artist can highlight their art forms and styles without tethering themselves to ideas or “stereotypes” of art. The style of art is completely dependent on the artist. Simply put, it will be something you will have to observe and experience for yourself.

About Dominique Pierrot
While attending Syracuse University as a Marketing Management major, the rigorous curriculum did not keep Dominique from making time for activities while she was a student. Her passion awarded her to do both. Between the two, she developed a penchant for bringing art-centered experiences to her friends. Dominique began sharing her love of art with those closest to her by curating shows in a living room, displaying the artwork of her friend, Brother Maars. Those shows were successful and she hopes to continue that trend this summer with “House of Craft,” and featuring new artists.

Decay: Abandonment in Upstate NY

April 21, 2017
Artist talk and reception: 6-8 PM 

Decay: Abandonment in Upstate NY displays a series of photographs by Alexa Murray taken between spring 2015 and winter 2017 in and around the Syracuse area. Her body of work spotlights the problems created by an increasing number of abandoned buildings in the area. In addition to being an homage to the hidden worlds within these buildings, the photographs also reflect on the idea of decay more generally. Both the physical decay of objects and the less literal decay of ideas and elements of society are explored in these works.

Murray is a high school senior studying at Manlius Pebble Hill High School. She was born in Reston, Virginia and spent most of her childhood moving around Upstate New York. She currently lives in Syracuse.


March 27, 2017
Opening reception: 5-9 PM
Artist talk: 6:30 PM

The work of Leticia Hernandez uses fruits and vegetation as stand-ins for humans to explore the themes of infection, disease, and the decay of the body. Her sculptures are created with a combination of wax, fibers, and latex. The ephemeral nature of these materials lends itself to the disintegration of the body over time. While her work retains many details of the mold from which they were created, their colors gradually change to mimic deeper flesh tones.

Hernandez was born in Yuba City, California and raised near San Francisco. She received her BFA in sculpture from CSU Stanislaus and is pursuing her MFA at Syracuse University. Hernandez currently lives and works in Syracuse, New York.

Winter 2017

Wyoming Distance

February 10-24, 2017
Gallery hours: Fridays,10am-4pm
Opening reception: Friday, February 17th, 6-8pm

Wyoming Distance deals with the themes of memory, loss, and distance primarily through allusions to the vast landscape of Wyoming, seen through a prism of diagrammatic line. The diagrams are based upon civil engineering drawings executed by artist Stefan Zoller’s paternal grandfather, J. Harold Zoller in the mid-1940’s. Harold Zoller’s premature death before Stefan was born created a void that, in part, prompted this body of work. Through tracing, transferring, and transforming these drawings, the artist finds a way to connect and communicate with his grandfather.

Wyoming Distance, though strongly referencing Zoller’s own family narrative, is a dedication to the universal experience of separation and loss. These works provide viewers the opportunity to experience and honor the landscape of their own memories and serve as a memorial for whom they have loved and lost.

Stefan Zoller was born and raised in rural Western New York where he earned his BA in Studio Art from Houghton College in 2008. He worked as a studio assistant to the renowned painter Thomas S. Buechner for two years before earning his MFA in Painting from Syracuse University in 2016. Zoller currently lives and works in Syracuse where he teaches painting and drawing at Syracuse University and Utica College.

Her Body, Her Blood

January 3-29
Opening reception: January 6, 6-8 PM

Artists Liza LaBarge and Carlie Sherry are pleased to bring a dual exhibition of large-scale drawings to SALTQuarters Gallery at 115 Otisco St. Syracuse NY 13204. The Exhibition entitled Her Body, Her Blood will be on display from January 3rd-January 29th. The opening reception will be held on January 6th from 6-8pm. The public can view the work on Fridays 6-8 PM and by appointment. Please contact Caitlin, the SALTQuarters coordinator, for personal viewings (saltquarters@gmail.com).

Liza LaBarge and Carlie Sherry were both born and raised in rural Upstate NY. The artists attended SUNY Potsdam during the same timeframe and naturally have developed shared conceptual concerns that arise within their artistic practice. Each personal series examines and reinterprets femininity within western religious narratives. Both artists explore themes including feminism, psychoanalysis, Christianity, and sexuality. The artists strive to present works of art that propel everyday artistic drawing materials, such as charcoal and soft pastel, as a recognized fine art form.

To view the works online please visit the artist’s websites at:

Fall 2016


December 8, 6-8 PM

Beyond simply meaning “no,” Nein is a denial of linear time and space, a re-imagination of traditional printmaking forms whose final collective vision seeks to transcend all traditional expectations of the medium and perhaps generate a new language of desire. The nine individuals participating in this exhibition explore the limitations of print in the interest of revealing unknown histories — a violently crippled envelope, the specter of erased text, a wounded, faded photograph— while still acknowledging the convoluted barriers of memory. SALTQuarters Gallery is pleased to present, Nein, an exhibition of Syracuse University printmaking graduate and undergraduate students.

Holiday Party & Fundraiser

December 2, 6-8 PM

SALTQuarters is hosting a holiday party and fundraiser to benefit the CNY Cat Coalition, a local animal rescue group. All artwork will be for sale and priced at $30 or under and has been donated by artists from around the area. The event will have family friendly activities with the Art Cart, light refreshments, and is a great chance to come together to kick off the holiday season. Please come out to celebrate with us and help support a wonderful local cause! We hope to see you there. $5 admission or donation or the following items: carriers, cat bed, small litter boxes, litter scoops, cat food, towels and blankets for bedding.

Press & Fold

Opening reception: October 7, 6-8 PM
Gallery hours: October 5-26, Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-3 PM and Saturday, October 8, 1-3 PM

The exhibition Press & Fold explores the works of sculptors Sara and Russell Prigodich. Although their work is not collaborative, they have similar conceptual interests in memory and object.

Sara Allen Prigodich is a ceramic artist whose abstracted sculptural forms investigate the residue of memory within place and space, particularly the architecture of the home. She uses soft, folded ceramic forms to create physical documents of gesture, passage of time and memories. By pairing her ceramic forms with fragments of architectural spaces, she hopes those who view the work may reflect upon the moment frozen in time and perhaps project their own experiences to complete the image.

Although he is familiar with many materials, Russell’s current interests lie in investigating both the physical and conceptual properties of soap and steel. His latest work, A Series in Soap pairs the hard, rigid qualities of cold-bent steel with the soft, sterile and flesh-like nature of sheets of soap. Russell is interested in both the conceptual relationship between these rather dissimilar materials as well as the relationship between the objects and the viewer.

Summer 2016

Grains of Salt

Opening reception: September 2, 6-9 PM
Gallery hours: September 3-8, 11:00am-7pm

Grains of Salt is a community-centered art project with the goal of opening a conversation among members of the art scene in Syracuse. The project began with two simple questions in September 2015:

How big is the Syracuse art scene? Why does it matter? 

The distribution of survey postcards soon followed, with Jack reaching out to as many members of the art community as possible. Upon the cards being returned, Jack translated them into his visual language of abstract, letter-based compositions. When survey cards proved difficult to approach visually, Jack stepped back to take a more conceptual approach to exhibiting their responses. 

During the week following the opening, Jack will transform the gallery into a working open studio. The goal will be to engage the community to educate about making a career in art. This time will be used to encourage collaboration with local artists as well as studio visits from people curious about the project and its’ findings. 

Jack Byers is a native of Cazenovia, NY, currently residing in Boston. His work revolves around the use of the alphabetic letter as an illustrative tool. His compositions allow the viewer to search for meaning by applying their personality and imagination.

Art Above All

August 19, 5-9 PM

Artwork will feature scale model billboards and water towers provided by Boundless Broolyn and painted in each individual artist’s style. It will include a broad spectrum crew of dedicated working artists focusing on illustration, tattoo, mural, and graffiti art. These artists include but are not limited to Aaron Z. Lee, Andrew Peters, Brandon Lazore, Casey Landerkin, Cayetano Valenzuela, Charlie Sam, Chris Sosa, Dan Styles, Doug Aldrich, E.L. Downey, Jacob Alan Roberts, Jamie Santos, Jemola Addley, Jesse Gabriel, Jesse Ryan, Josh Montgomery, Marcus Osmun, Michael Giannattasio, Michael John Heagerty, Monty Ses Esposito, Paul Ulrich, Steve Sie, Tommy Lincoln and Tony Tompson.

“Art Above All” represents the art we find all around us on a daily basis, we eat and breath it unconsciously while completely ignoring it and taking it for granted. The small size of these ordinarily out of touch, huge items we see on a daily basis gives the viewer an opportunity to get close and personal and examine what might otherwise be overlooked.

Music starts at 6:00pm
Backpackers Field Manual -Collns Van Gordon and Ryan Colligan, Tots and the Homefries

Live mural painting starts at 5:00! Featuring Tony Thompson, Monty Ses Esposito, and Camden Noir


Community Art Night

August 12, 6-9pm

Syracuse Sasquatch presents an evening of inspiration, art, snacks, and free t-shirts! Bring your friends to SALTQuarters for all sorts of creative activities!

The Art Cart will teach you how to print your very own Sasquatch t-shirt and lend you a few pointers to make some art to take home. You’re welcome to try your hand at drawing, painting, printmaking, sewing, creating, conversation, and even assembling snacks into combinations using your culinary art skills.

This event is hosted by SALTQuarters Artist in Residence Justin Mastrangelo. Justin is an adjunct instructor of art at SUNY Oswego and Cayuga Community College. He received his MA and BFA from SUNY Oswego.

June 28-July 7

Tattoo Portraits

Opening reception: June 28, 6- 7pm
Closing reception: July 7, 6-7pm
Gallery hours: June 30, 5-6pm; July 5, 3-6pm; July 7, 3- 6pm

The tattoo describes the person and can symbolize their identity. It has the ability to reveal more about the person and their story than a traditional portrait would. This exhibit explores self-expression through tattoo art and seeks to unfold the story behind the tattoo.

Brittni Stasiuk graduated cum laude with a BA in Art History from Hartwick College. She completed a photography internship in Ireland, where she was the official photographer of the town of Bundoran. Brittni has won first prize and placed honorable mention in numerous photography contests and is currently pursuing her MA in Museum Studies at Syracuse University.

Spring 2016

June 1-17

Work Won’t Kill You

Opening Reception:
June 1, 6-8 PM

Gallery Hours:
June 3-17, Tuesday-Saturday, 1-6 PM

In this ongoing installation and performance series, Patty Ortiz has constructed a simulated work environment that investigates the interaction between art and work in the lives of individuals and the life of the community. The WWKY workforce applies the tools of art in a forensic fashion through the collection and systematic examination of images from the Near Westside neighborhood; people, places and moments that reflect the history and character of this community. Ortiz and her workforce transform the documentation into an installation/performance to illustrate the similar nature of art, work and life.

April 29-30

Near Westside Through the Lens

Opening Reception:
April 29, 4 -7pm

Gallery Hours:
April 30, 10am-5pm

The Near Westside Peacemaking Project and Syracuse artist and curator Laura Heyman will host the six-week program, “Near Westside Through the Lens: a Studio Photography Workshop for Youth.” The art initiative will expose Near Westside youth to photography skills necessary to document their neighborhood and community. The workshop includes creating photographic portraits, effectively using digital and analogue cameras, basic lighting techniques and more. The free workshop series will culminate in a public exhibition of the youth artwork. The public is invited to view the artwork at the SALTQuarters Gallery, 115 Otisco Street.

The Near Westside Peacemaking Project is located at 601 Tully Street and offers free, community-based conflict resolution and place-based community projects that reclaim and transform the neighborhood. Community projects focus on education, dialogue, art, cultural events, and neighborhood beautification. For more information, contact Vivian Guetler at 266-4350 or guetlerv@courtinnovation.org.

April 9-17

The Best of Fowler and PSLA Student Art 2015-2016

Opening Reception:
April 15, 4:30-6pm

Students from Ms. Dugger’s Fowler High School and Public Service Leadership Academy courses have created wonderful works of art in Studio in Art, the introductory art class in high school, and 3D Art, an elective course. Every year the students astound people with their creativity, mastery of skills, and talent.

Winter 2015-16

March 18- April 2

A Darkened Wood

Opening Reception:
March 18, 6-9pm

Every fable stems from a collective truth, every dream has its roots in reality. A Darkened Wood takes you into the other realm, one which we all feel lurking around the corner everyday. Experience the world through a dreamer’s eyes and revel in the stories we all share…Be aware in the darkened wood…

An art exhibit that draws from myth, fable and magic features works by Cayetano Valenzuela and Casey Landerkin. Each artist draws from the pool of imagery associated with the long history of myth, fables, magic, archetypes and storytelling in order to describe personal narratives and constructed interior worlds. These visions reflect our common struggles, passions and perhaps our mystified separation from tradition and ritual. The Fable maintains a powerful hold on our culture as it has for time immemorial. The events, conflicts and archetypes contained therein still engage and enchant. The stories contain a microcosm of the world at large, yet are woven with poetry and the supernatural. However, the deep truths of fairy tales and folklore are stitched into the fabric of our collective memory and it is this tapestry that the artists seek to pull upon a loose thread in order to reveal the tender investigation of fables in A Darkened Wood.

March 4-12

Faces of Places

Opening Reception:
March 4 and March 5, 6-9pm

Faces of Places takes you on a journey to eleven countries spanning three continents showing you the people that create the culture and the places that shape the people.

December 4-19

Syracuse in 3-D (1860-1910)

Opening Reception:
December 4, 5-8pm

As Artist-in-Residence at SALTQuarters in 2014, Colleen Woolpert worked with Near Westside residents and businesses to produce artwork for a series of public exhibitions at the SALTQuarters Gallery. This December she’s back with Syracuse in 3-D (1860-1910), an exhibit of vintage 3-D photographs viewable with Woolpert’s patent-pending TwinScope Viewer. Most stereographs are on loan from the Onondaga Historical Association, with the addition of a few from Woolpert’s own collection. Near Westside residents will be interested to see a 3-D image taken on West St. around 1900 depicting the houses that once stood there.

Today Woolpert maintains a studio at SALTQuarters to continue working with artists and businesses in the neighborhood. “The Near Westside inspires me because motion picture technology was developed here, and I’m doing something similar with help from the community,” says Woolpert.

The exhibition, a free event appropriate for children as well as adults, will be on view at SALTQuarters Gallery, 115 Otisco St., from Dec. 4-19th, with an opening reception Dec. 4, 5-8pm. Woolpert invites visitors to stop in for the reception or during gallery hours Monday through Saturday, noon-3pm until December 19th.  Click here for more information on the exhibition.


Fall 2015

November 19-30

5 Artists

Opening Reception:
November 19, 5-8pm

5 Artists celebrates the work of five local artists: Kathy Gaulin Donovan, Anastasia Keville, Steve Nyland, Chris Wayne Rosier, and Nate West. Their works over a multitude of styles, including different perceptions, pallets, abstracted forms, and surrealistic mindsets.

Gallery hours are open by appointment. For more information call Kathy Petrillo at kathy.petrillo@gmail.com.

November 12, 6-8pm

Nydia Blas: The Girls That Spun Gold

This work draws from a series of photographs Nydia has been producing over that past few years of young women in her community in Ithaca, New York.

November 6th, 6-8pm

Joe Librandi-Cowan: New Work

An Imaging America fellow, Joe’s work in the exhibition will be drawn from a book he has been working on about his late father.

October 29, 6-8pm

Sean Henry-Smith, Jessica Martinez, and Victor Rivera

The images included for this show are a curation of ongoing collaborative and personal project works by Sean Henry-Smith, Jessica Martinez, and Victor Rivera. Documentary images shot in Syracuse and the surrounding area are blended with portraiture and performance based photographic works.

October 14-16

Jared Landberg: New Work

Opening Reception:
October 14, 5:30-7:30pm

In this body of work, Landberg utilizes a variety of image types, output methods, and presentation techniques reflecting the changing methods of landscape representation in art and photography.The resulting imagery is manipulated using digital and analog methods to create a new form of landscape “photography”, one that collects and transforms traditional styles, formats and conceptual frameworks within a series of contemporary aesthetic tropes.

October 9, 6-8pm

D’Angelo Williams

Williams has been photographing Black male youth in order to regain a lost connection between subject, environment and himself. He does this in part by creating a relationship between the Black male and a minimal form of beauty, one that does not emasculate his subjects. See work from his Beauty Kings series on display tomorrow night.

September 16, 5:30-7pm

Neighborhood Walking Tour

Join artist Brendan Rose in a walking tour of sculpture installations in the Near Westside. These works are a product of his year-long residency. To complete them, Brendan worked with members of the community to develop a series of small-scale works for the neighborhood. Included in this tour are three sculptures at bus stops and a fourth in Jack’s Senior Area, a small community gathering space.

September 1-30

Barefoot Walkabout – When Technology Fails

Opening Reception:
September 10, 5-10pm

Curated by Emily Tan, Global Creative Academics, and Kathryn Burke Petrillo, Barefoot Walkabout – When Technology Fails showcases new artists original work through daily walks about discussing culture and creativity. Work shoes will be available for poetry and handmade items. Here’s a sneak peak!

Summer 2015

July 6-31

Water: Precious Element

Opening Reception:
July 13, 6-8pm

SALTQuarters presents the summer exhibition by the Onondaga Art Guild. The theme this year surrounds ideas and representations of water.

June 13, 6-8pm

Talent Agency / Reverb

A one night only event featuring work by the students of  Talent Agency: Teen Art Portfolio Development and Zeke Leonard! Stop by to chat with the artists and see what has become of two pianos formerly slated for the landfill.

May 31st, 1-4pm

Urban Birds + People Under and in the Trees

Join Artist in Residence Moira Williams at SALTQuarters Gallery to celebrate a community urban bird sculpture created with Westside Academy Blodgett MOST students, seniors from Syracuse Housing, Spanish Action League and ceramicists Nanette & Catherine Bergiven. The sculptures are scattered through several urban bird gardens in the neighborhood including a public bird garden created by Moira. The public garden is located at one of the entrance ways to our neighborhood, situated next to the WCNY and Pro Literacy buildings. See birds of prey in the gallery with Kindred Kingdoms, listen to bird songs sung by your neighbors, see urban bird loving art works, and then make bird feeders to hang in the new trees surrounding our community sculpture.

Urban Birds + People Under and In the Trees Community Art Event is made possible by Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, the Near West Side Initiative, Syracuse, NY, SALTQuarters Gallery, Syracuse, NY and the Westside neighborhood, Syracuse, NY. The event is free and open to the public.

Spring 2015

May 1-10

The Strength In Our Scars

Opening Reception
May 1, 5-8pm

Gallery Hours: May 2-3 and 9-10, 2-6pm and May 8, 5-8pm

Join us during National Mental Health Awareness month for a multimedia exhibit exploring the enticing, yet false salvation of self-harm and the strength and beauty that grows from breaking free of harmful impulses. The Strength in Our Scars is inspired by artist Elizabeth Droge-Young’s experience with clinical depression and reactions to feeling silenced when something desperately needs to be communicated.

April 25

Giselle Rosenthal

Opening Reception
April 25, 7-10pm

Having taken an interest in the human body on a cellular level, Rosenthal explores the body as a unique place where the visceral and psychological meet by creating biomorphic structures that exhibit a seductive intensification of forms that mimic the appearance and movement of a growth and removing any element of threat. “A Piece of Disorder” is a reaction to the escalating number of people afflicted by a sort of constant malaise, from psychological disorders to the multiplication of cancer cells. In this exhibition, Rosenthal created a space where viewers can exist with these structures, which are inherently malicious, without feeling menaced and perceiving them as bearable anomalies.


April 18

Lost Daydreams: In Retrospect

Opening Reception
April 18, 7-9:30pm

Lost Daydreams: In Retrospect grew out of artist Mark Povinelli’s attempt to reconcile the linear progression of time within the complexities past and future states. The exhibit features drawings of imaginary machines, color dreamscapes, and a wall bricolage. Sculptural pieces include memory jars and swarming wooden creatures. Mark’s artwork explores the concepts of organic structure, perception, storytelling, and immersive spaces.

April 9-11

“Ride the Bus”

Opening Reception
April 10, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: April 9 and 11, 6-8pm

“Ride the Bus” is a Thesis Exhibition by Allison Kirsch, a graduating senior at Syracuse University in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The exhibition will be on view from April 9 through April 11, 6-8pm at SALTQuarters Gallery, 115 Otisco St, Syracuse. The exhibition is free and open to the public, and there will be a reception April 10 from 6-9pm.

Receiving her BFA in sculpture, Kirsch examines movement through space in order to capture four-dimensional motion in three-dimensional sculpture. Her architectural background has led her to see movement as a linear progression of people. She examines the social codes that dictate peoples’ actions in their surrounding environments. For her senior thesis, she is working with a variety of sculptural media to reevaluate the lack of interaction that occurs on public transportation.


Winter 2014-15

February 7-15

Pennies at the Quarters

Opening Reception
February 7, 7-9pm

Gallery Hours: February 8-13, 1-6pm

Come experience a space-altering installation full of colorful fields of pennies. Inspired by the resilient beauty of the Near Westside in the face of economic challenges, 10,000 pennies inquire about the cost of attraction and art.

January 17-31

Unidentified: Paintings by Kathy Irwin

Opening Reception
January 17, 5-7pm

Gallery Hours: January 24 and 31, 11am-2pm

This solo exhibition by Oswego artist Kathy Irwin, features a recent series of paintings and collages based on old cabinet card photographs from the 19th century. Their emotionless stares provide a backdrop which the artist has disrupted with strokes of chaos. The fluid and diverse properties of oil paint are used as a layer of emotional response to the images which have been destroyed and rebuilt, creating a compelling image with distorted features and atmosphere. Ultimately, these paintings deal with the way that Irwin represents the unknown through a fabricated relationship to a mysterious person.

December 27-3

Deck the Halls

Opening Reception
December 27, 5-11pm

Come join us and be merry at the counter culture event of the holidays! Local artists of Central New York unite to display tattoo, graffiti, abstract, and illustrative graphics on skateboard decks.

December 4-14

Talent Agency presents “Wild”

Opening Reception
December 4, 5-7pm

Talent Agency Teen Art Portfolio Development, in partnership with Fowler High School and Syracuse Academy of Science Art programs presents “Wild” The Endangered Species Exhibition. Art works on the theme will be for sale, with half of the proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund and the remainder to the young artists. Come out and support the creativity of our local high school students and Talent Agency’s mission to prepare artistic youth for application, scholarships, and acceptance into college and university art and design programs.

Fall 2014

November 11

Ninja Turtles Invade SALTQuarters

Let’s learn about nature’s super powers! Join us for an afternoon of animals from the Rosamond Gifford Zoo followed by a screening of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

November 8-10

Fermented Freedom

Opening Reception November 8, 1-5 pm

Moira Williams’ Fermented Freedom celebrates Harriet Tubman’s deep knowledge of geography, ecology, hospitality and hope by walking 3 separate walks originating in Syracuse, New York along the areas where the Underground Railroad was active to Harriet Tubman’s house in Auburn, New York. Each walk will take a different route. During the walk Moira will carry a vessel made of soil and naturally evaporated salt. The vessel will be filled with water and be used to collect wild yeast during the walk. In turn, the wild yeast will be made into a sourdough for sharing and making bread in an outdoor community oven made from adobe. Additionally, Moira will sing the work song “A Little Water Sylvie” by Huddie Ledbetter (Lead Belly), as she walks to Harriet Tubman’s House.

Fermented Freedom is meant to walk in spirit of the Underground Railroad and make visible our connections as well as our disconnections to our surrounding environment, our bodies, our food, our history and labor. All of which inform our concepts of freedom.


September 23

Bear Talk: A Community Dialogue and Film Screening

Join the Near Westside Initiative in a forum to discuss how we develop relationships and navigate societal barriers in order to form connections with one another and build a stronger community.

Following the discussion, the Red House Arts Center will host a screening of the film ‘American Bear’, which documents the adventures of Sarah and Greg as they set out to rely on the kindness of strangers for a home each night.


Summer 2014

August 29 – September 20 

Fletch Crangle

Opening reception
September 5, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours:  Fridays 6-9 pm, Saturdays 12-4 pm

August 1

Explore Syracuse Official Launch Party

Explore Syracuse is a personal project by Kevin Darcy and James Domroe that highlights some of the best people, places, and things that Syracuse has to offer. Join them for conversation and video screenings August 1st at 5:30pm.

June 23-July 13

Talent Agency End of the Year Exhibit

High School students working to develop their Portfolios at Talent Agency Portfolio Development Program will display a variety of work created throughout the year.

June 20

Farewell Party for SALTQuarters Artists in Residence

+ Life Hacking Manual for High School Students, Book Launch | John Cardone

+ Drift, third in the Persistence of Vision series, video installation and item giveaway | Colleen Woolpert

Join us for a farewell get together as we celebrate the end of Colleen and John’s Residencies!
Both Artists will also be presenting some of their concluding work for the residency. Light refreshments will be served.

Friday, June 20th, 5-7 pm @ SALTQuarters Patio, 115 Otisco St.

Spring 2014

May 31

WALK + CHALK, Syracuse Pedestrian Routes

April 25 – May 2

SLIDE: Persistence of Vision

A showcase of David Broda’s 3D polaroid explorations, curated by Artist in Residence Colleen Woolpert,

Opening Reception
April 25, 5-7pm
Free and Open to the Public

Gallery Visits upon appointment, contact Colleen (cwoolpert@gmail.com)

April 18-20


New prints by advanced & graduate students from the Syracuse University printmaking program.

April 1 -17

Cinderella in Translation

Syracuse Illustration students took this archetypal story and re-imagined it in another time, place or situation. Some students found similar folk tales in Korean, Indian, Chinese, African and Native American cultures. Other students invented scenarios, placing their Cinderellas in mid-20th Century Communist China, 1930’s Chicago, and in an ancient Buddhist temple.

March 21 – 29

BLINK: Persistence of Vision

The first event in Colleen Woolpert’s Persistence of Vision series for her residency at SALTQuarters, Blink presents new work in video, installation, and interactive objects.

Gallery Hours: March 21-29, 5-8pm

special event – Picturing Motion
March 29, 5pm @ La Casita, 109 Otisco St.
Join Colleen Woolpert and friends for a presentation about early motion picture innovations (1890-) that developed just blocks from the SALTQuarters in Syracuse’s Near Westside.

Winter 2014

February 1 – 28

Fowler High School Art Show

A compilation of the best work put on by Fowler HS students.

Opening Reception
February 13, 4-6pm
Free and Open to the Public
January 30

Picturing Motion: Fantastic Film Shorts, 1894-1915

SALTQuarters artist-in-residence Colleen Woolpert presents a selection of early cinema pulled from the DVD box set “Saved From the Flames: 54 Rare and Restored Films 1896-1944.” Prior to the screening, she will talk briefly about the role that Central New York played in the birth of cinema and her enduring fascination with the Mutoscope, an early pre-cinema device that was invented in 1894 in the Near Westside.

Screening will run from  7:00pm – 8:30pm.
January 20-27

FRACTURED GROUND: re|engineering the form of cracked terrain

An exploration of work by  M. Arch II candidate Katharina Hoerath.

Opening Reception
January 22, 6:30-8pm
Free and Open to the Public
January 17

With The Extensible

One evening exhibition, featuring a group of young artists, working in photography, computer arts, moving image for video and film. Including work by Nicolas Dean-Levy, Keaton Fox, Mary Manchin, Joseph Miranda, Anna Moulton, Katherine Rehbeck & Chris Reiners among others.

Opening Reception
January 17 , 6-9pm
Free and Open to the Public
January 3-14

Paper or Plastic?

Presenation of the work created by Near Westside teens in a 6 week workshop creating 3-d works using reassigned materials,  sponsored by a CNYArts grant, managed by Angela Arrey-Wastavino.

Exhibit Reception
January 6, 6-8pm
Free and Open to the Public


Fall 2013

November 1- December 31

Ison’s Intergalactic Invitational

Work by a number of CNY artists, including Fletch Crangle, Charlie Cee, Gwen Anderson, Caitlin McCauliffe, Jordan Spear, Vykky Ebner, Dan Styles, Brian Mega, Steve Nyland, Tony Thompson and Ireality El.

Visit blog post to read more about this exhbit.

Exhibit Opening
November 4, 2013 @ 6:30 pm

Live performances every Monday and Tuesday 6:30-8:30 pm
November 5 – December 21

Paper or Plastic? Youth Workshop

Workshop creating 3-d works using reassigned materials, with Near Westside teens, sponsored by a CNYArts grant, managed by Angela Arrey-Wastavino.

Visit blog post to read more about this exhbit.

After school program schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

October 6-27

SALTQuarters Fall 2013 Artists in Residence:

John Cardone

Syracuse Pedestrian Routes: A Mile in their Shoes

Peter Edlund

Forgotten New York: Re-tagging our Native Heritage


Gallery Hours:
Sat. – Sun. 12-5pm
Tues. 1-6pm

or  upon Appointment.

Summer 2013

August 6-24

CORPORA: Shannon Williamson + Lacey McKinney  


September 15

CNY Short Film Festival